Message from the Chair of Governors

As someone who grew up and studied in Oldham, it is truly humbling to serve as the Chair of a brand new school.

At Westwood Boys School we aim to build on the success of Westwood High by supporting our learners as they transition through adolescence into adulthood. We want them to grow into their humanity and become invaluable members of modern Britain.

It gives me great joy to learn about the positive impact our school is already having on learners, parents and all members of the school community. The passion and dedication to teaching and learning demonstrated by teachers and learners is truly inspiring. We hope to report back to you in the coming years once learners have sat public examinations.

Our school promotes a strong culture of self-respect and mutual respect and tolerance for people of other faiths and no faith. Our ethos is shaped by our school community. Staff, students and parents feel like we are one big family!

We are still a very small new school and I appreciate the important contribution our parents and local community have made towards our journey so far. I want to thank you for your support and your trust. I want to assure you that our leadership team will strive to make every day special for your child.

Thank you for visiting our school website.


Jamal Khan

Chair of Governors